Semen Collection, semen processing and shipping can be done at Equistar as either a haul in basis or as a resident stallion. We have room for 2 resident stallions with large, double fenced turn out pens and individual shelters. Resident stallions must be booked to a minimun of 20 mares and is based on Equistar approval.

We are able to receive fresh cooled semen from across North America via FedEx, UPS, Purolator, Greyhound or Red Arrow. We are centrally located and are within 30 minutes from the Edmonton International Airport or any Edmonton based courier pick up center. All semen is evaluated prior to insemination to ensure the semen was received in good condition. We also have the capability to store frozen semen within the clinic (see semen storage).

During the breeding season, our staff pick up and drop off shipments directly at the Edmonton FedEx station daily.